Learning the Basics of Entrepreneurship

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Are you an entrepreneur but having a hard time closing sales and negotiating? When we are first starting out it can be daunting to try to sell your services and product, but it does not necessarily have to be difficult it is just a matter of changing a few your thought perspective and way of looking at things.

Have a long term vision

When starting out, you need to have somewhat of an idea of where you are heading and going. If you don’t your company and business won’t have anything to stand on, certain values and princples need to be set in place towards your vision.

Read books

This goes without a saying, if you don’t read, then you are falling behind most entrepreneurs and business owners who read at least 1 or 2 books a month. The top CEOs and businessmen were reported to read around 50 books per year, which is one book per week!

The genre of books should mostly be applicable in real life and practical rather than fantasy and novel based, because practical self help books will come in handy when it comes to improving your life.

Reading books does not have to take a lot of your time. If you make only 30 minute or so per day in the morning listening to an audiobook while you drive, workout, do the dishes, etc, you can finish one book in a day. Audible and Scribd have the best service for audiobooks.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Most new entrepreneurs and business people are afraid to ask their actual value and underestimate themselves. If you are starting off, the common wisdom of being humble does not apply. Your energy and your confidence in your services and product are an essential part of business.

Since no one has ever heard of you nor know your brand, you better believe in yourself and treat yourself like someone who is important, otherwise if you don’t no one else will.

Building a portfolio

However, at certain times you got to be willing to do certain things for free to build your base and reputation. It’s a way to build trust and authority. Most people are not willing to take a big risk on something or someone new, so you need to prove yourself in the first stages to your potential audience and market.

Once your base and foundation has been established, then you can start making bolder and bigger demands to keep scaling your business.

Learning to walk away

Being desperate is one of the worst things you can do for your business. When you are desperate, you don’t have leverage nor negotiating power to do business with people. It is better to find the right people and the right partners who you enjoy working with rather than being dictated by money.

When you need money, you will end up taking on clients that you don’t enjoy working with and sometimes they end up even costing you more money. Stop thinking in terms of money, but rather in opportunity costs. Your time is valuable so you are better off spending on things that really matter.

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